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Feb. 25th, 2015 12:56 am
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I'm 21, agender and neurodiverse. I use they/them pronouns. 
I really like biking, anime and some obscure music. 
I'm here to figure myself out and because I don't like Livejournal at all. So I'm hoping to find out how to use Dreamwidth to talk in communities and figure out myself lol. 
I'm a bit nervous all the time, have social anxiety, among other things, and selective mutism. Which means I don't respond right away, sometimes for a very long time. Even if I want to respond. I ca sometimes, but not always.

I believe I'm fictionkin, although what I still don't know. There are some distinct feelings there that I don't quite know how to put together, not to mention they seem like they are from different worlds, so perhaps more than one fickin. I don't even really want to be fickin, since it just seems so far fetched to me. But at the moment, struggling to figure out who I am, I don't want to leave behind any aspect, even if it's undesirable. Not that fickin IS undesirable, just that I would rather not BE someone who isn't me. I don't really know how to view this just yet.

Which is pretty much the purpose of this account.


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